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SteelBound is a cooperative game set in Babylon. Our goal is to free the world from the corruption caused by the greed of Gilgamesh by stealing a cursed sword, our characters are his children who must return the sword to its place of origin.

The project has been programmed in Unreal Engine 4 (C++) , made up of 9 programmers, 6 designers, and 3 artists,

18 members in total.

Together we have reached the final of the PS Talents 2021 and have won the Best BSO Award.

Simulation of a full-time job in a professional studio called

Ishtar Studios with two professional Videogame Producers and a Digital Marketing Specialist as part of the final project of our Master’s Degree in Video Game Programming at U-Tad.

My Role: UI, Sound, Gameplay and Network Programmer

As a programmer, I am in charge of the User Interface, Sound implementation with FMOD and Gameplay features in a Cooperative and Online Multiplayer game.

I have been working with the tools provided by Unreal Engine 4: HUD, Slates, Animations, Inputs/Sound managers, Delegates…

PS Talents

Best OST Award


8 months

Jan 2021 – Oct 2021

18 members

9 programmers,

6 designers, and 3 artists

Co-op / Online

isometric view, puzzle solving and combat

My Work: SteelBound User Interface


Other Projects

Void Ball Boy

Class Project

Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprints)

Ground Zero

End of Degree Project

Unity (C#)


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